Sterling Bank Apologises for Social Media Post Shading Competitors

Virtually everyone loved the banter that followed after Sterling Bank‘s cheeky social media post that took a swipe at not less than 6 banks.

The post had a man in a rocket heading to the moon (depicted by Sterling Bank’s logo) and had the caption: “In shooting for the moon, men become stars.”

The Bank also captioned the photo: “Shoot for the moon, become a star – it’s the least you deserve. Welcome to Sterling Bank”

The joke was that about 6 banks’ buildings/logos were literally on ground in the ad, with the Sterling Bank customer heading to the moon.

They unleashed something. Access Bank, Union Bank, First Bank responded to the ad, clapping back with memes while FCMB joined in as an observer.

The banter it generated was fun, at least to social media users.

But it appears Sterling Bank may have gotten a warning or something because today, they released an apology saying:

Our apologies go out to all the banks -the likeness of whose logos & buildings featured in a post which we have since deleted. We remain committed to building an organisation that enables our youth find expression & we will continue to do this in the most responsible fashion.