‘Look at this little-retarded Chimpanzee’ – Blac Chyna’s mom blasts Chyna’s 18-year-old boyfriend.

Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni has dragged her 18-year-old boyfriend, rapper YBN Almighty Jay following her ongoing beef with her daughter, who she claims won’t let her see her grandchildren.

The grandmother of two shared a video of YBN Almighty Jay dancing in a car with a friend and called him a little-retarded Chimpanzee in a lengthy Instagram post.

Tokyo also called YBN Almighty a ‘side bar’ and said he will snitch on Chyna.


Her deleted post reads ;

Look at this little Chimpanzee!! Like what the f**k is this!? Who the fuck opened the cage up and pissed off the neighbors! This is absolutely solid proof this kid needs her mom! This is a travesty! Like, who the fuck want her or should I say take her black ass serious after this mini cartoon character! She need me to help rebuild her but she would never do it! She is fucking spoiled rotten by me as a kid! She still rebellious! ! Tell her call her momma 301-630-Toni ( 8664).

This shit has my nerves bossed up! When a real bitch walks in a room everyone be quiet! I am Queen and it’s only 1 in a QUEENDOM! My momma dead so I took her crown – until then my offsprings are princes and princesses!! Mannn -I should get my thorough grandson King Cairo to go strIght whoop this nigga whole ass! She don’t post my babies so I can’t see it’s cool! You can’t hide them forever! She needs to get a real man ( Dr. Police Officer,A college Professor, Surgeon or stay to herself! I can fix this shot easy FACTS! This has to be a serious joke! Imma get me a ticket somehow and catch her face to face! She can run but she can’t hide I will jump her fence! I hope he don’t have a ? hanging around his neck! I wanna smack all the dog shit out this flagrant clown ass nothing ass nigga! This isn’t no man it’s a BOY! “ Side Bar” Hey CHYNA this nigga will snitch on everything you do or did if you don’t give him a ice cream cone on demand. This nigga look retarded and he needs to be put in a car ?.

What the f**k! King needs to beat this nigga he can’t even drive! At least we see King can drive and can keep his composure in the car off a song! This dude has pissed me all the way off – Who is his momma??? I need to holla at his momma!? Then again hear celebrity momma Won’t say 1 word because they spending that money they getting! Damn shame this ? ain’t within 10 steps of me why? He would catch a whole fade! #idiotassshit #pressfirminutedick #childhoodnihtmares #somethingiswrong #newintroductions #staysingle #stayalone #regroupypurself #neverdisrespect your momma Ps When I catch them both Imma thrash they asses!

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