Okada rider gags 6-year-old, rapes her and pour sand on her head

A 30-year-old ‘okada’rider is cooling off in police custody after allegedly raping a six-year-old girl.

The child and her brother were usually left with their landlady, by their parents when they go to work.

The landlady, a Muslim, on the fateful day had gone for Jumat prayers but discovered that I girl was missing before she left.

The girl’s father, Olaniyi, a commercial bus driver, the girl was later found inside a school compound with sand on her head and after interrogation, it was found out that she had been raped by Akande.He said,

“I am a commercial bus driver. I usually leave home very early and return earlier than my wife, who sells food. For the time we are away, we keep our two children with our landlady.

“On Friday, my bus developed a fault and I got home almost at the same time as my wife. On getting home, our landlady said she had been searching for our daughter before she went for Jumat. We continued the search for her in the compound without any success.

“When we eventually found her, she said a man sent her to buy groundnut and kept her in his room afterwards. She said the man gagged her mouth with a cloth so that she would not shout.

“She said he undressed her before defiling her. When he was done, he took her to a school behind our house and poured sand on her head, instructing her that when asked where she had been, she should say she had been playing in the school compound

Olaniyi said they immediately seized the 30-year-old suspect and handed him over to the police, adding that the victim was taken to the hospital the following day where it was confirmed that her hymen had been broken.

The Deputy Coordinator of a non-governmental organisation, Child Protection Network, Lateef Akinborode, revealed that his team had taken up the case, adding that the suspect would be prosecuted.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed the case, adding that it has been transferred to the gender unit of the command.

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