Ebuka apologizes for his absence at Merry Men movie premiere

TV host, Ebuka Uchendu has apologized for his absence at the premiere of the movie Merry Men.

The movie premiere saw celebrities rocking different colorful agbada which sparked a social media trend called #AgbadaChallenged.

Apologizing to all the fans who were disappointed that he didn’t show up, Ebuka stated that some personal issues caused his absence.

He wrote:

”Sincere apologies for not being able to make the Merry Men premiere last night. Some personal issues came up which I inevitably had to attend to. Make una nor too vex. My hand dey up 🙌🏾

In fact to show how serious I am, I’m currently working on traveling with a few of you to Dubai to go and shop for some correct agbada fabrics (amongst other things) very soon so as to prevent future disappointments!!!

Once I wrap up modalities with my friends at @visitdubai.af, I shall let you guys know all the details. So biko stay tuned…

Apology accepted???”