“People that stay in Lekki are living things, people that stay in Ikorodu are non-living things” – Nigerian man says

A shirtless man on the street has been filmed explaining science in the simplest terms and it just might be the most hilarious thing you’ll see today.

The video begins where the man was speaking about pie chart and bar chart. He then went on to explain ecology.

Soon, he delved into living things and non-living things, then gave a hilarious real-life example using residents of Lekki and Ikorodu.

He had a can of beer in his hand all the while as he educated his amused audience.

He said to the man filming:

Do you study ecology?

Ecology is the studies of plants and animal interracting with one another in their relation to their what? environment.

Now, it now tell us that, types of ecology. It tell us that biotic and abiotic.

Biotic is the sum total of living things and non living things. While abiotic tell us that it can be defined as non-living things and living things.

The man filming then asks, “so who is a living thing?” to which the “science student” replies:

Now, people that stay in Lekki is not ordinary person. Their name is called living things. People that stay in Ikorodu are non living things.

Watch the hilarious video below.