Nigerian Lady replies trolls who criticized her for not being married at 33

A Twitter user identified as @_buttercup_cake, who celebrated her 33rd birthday two days ago, was criticized by people that felt it was inappropriate she is still unmarried.

“33years no ring SMH,” @EnergyGod4 tweeted at her. “@33 you are already getting old dear, go and get married please,” @Abaeat_laliga wrote.

Another Twitter user wrote: “I can’t find a ring on those fingers, just saying ni oo.”

And the criticisms kept rolling in until the Twitter user shut them all up with a tweet.

She wrote:

No one talked about how I sponsored my kid sis through university n I am still footing her bills presently as she’s doing her masters. How I sent myself to University as well. How I am a dope baker. But they’re saying my life is miserable because i am not married at 33 ?


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