Buhari named Dangote, Otedola into his campaign council without their consent

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing into his campaign council, people in government and foremost businessmen.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, on Friday, named members of its campaign council, as the president kicked off his campaign in Akwa Ibom state, the same day.

In a statement by the opposition party on Friday, it was completely appalled that Buhari would appoint serving Ministers and heads of government agencies into its campaign council.

According to the PDP, it was a way for Buhari to use them as ‘conduit pipes’, to divert public funds to finance his reelection bid.

It is appalling and completely unacceptable for Buhari to directly appoint serving ministers and heads of government agencies as members of his campaign council so as to continue to use them as conduit pipes for the diversion of public funds to finance his 2019 campaign.

The PDP also accused Buhari/APC of naming foremost Nigerian businessmen into his campaign council without their consent, even though they protested – Just to showoff a ‘false’ endorsement of his reelection bid, by these businessmen.

We are also aware of protests by some eminent Nigerians, including foremost businessmen, who were named as members of the APCNg Campaign Council without their consent, in a desperate bid to showcase an impression that they are supporting Mr. President’s re-election bid.

The opposition party also accused Buhari of not consulting the leadership of his party, before listing people into his campaign council. This, according to the PDP, shows the ‘dictatorial tendencies’ of Buhari’s government and his ‘disdain for constituted authority.’

We are also aware of dissenting voices by some APC leaders over President Buhari’s unilateral listing of individuals into his campaign council as announced by his media aide, without recourse to the selection process of the APC leadership.

This further shows the dictatorial tendencies of the Buhari Presidency and his arrogant disdain for constituted authority.