‘Don’t aide these vampires’ – Fans react to Joke Silva supporting Buhari

Nollywood veteran Joke Silva earlier today took to her IG page to congratulate the president on his recent win.

This, of course, did not sit well with many who feel Buhari is not the man to rule Nigeria again.

Aunty Joke as she is fondly called had shared a photo of Osinbajo, Buhari, and Oshimohole penning alongside;

Congratulations. Well done. League of Extraordinary gentlemen. Now hit the ground running. Consolidate. 4years is a short time. Power needs to be sorted….without it we are going nowhere fast…Apapa port…soo much. God be with you ..guide you…give you wisdom.

So many fans on her page have since taken to the comment section to bare her thoughts on her move. While some agree with her, others have taken time to slam the veteran.

Read some of the comments below;

mafengrwang; @mo_kelilah I was with Atiku, but at d end of d day we cannot keep lamenting wen d did has been wrong. Rigging, both sides did n I think d highest rigger won. It’s a game, n if d golden rule of d game is no rigging n u rig cos u know I will rig while still playing well n we both enjoyed d ride,@ d end of d day victory will still go to d best or highest rigger cos one just have to win. Secondly, as Christians, we pray to God for what we think is best for us but He gives us what He knows is best for us/all. We know we rigged to for whom we were supporting

iam_dewaynejones@ajokesilva Mummy I have a lot of respect for you but please don’t aide those vampires…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I will choose you over those men with no values any day any time

oshoromijie; I hope this government translates success to us

mo_kelilah; @mafengrwang the truth is this, there’s no difference between both parties. But my point is that no one should disrespect an elderly woman because of a post. It is uncalled for

donaccapella; The issue with you guys is that you feel you are too intelligent but actually you ‘re all stupid. So you want @ajokesilva, to denounce what @inecnigeria declared? He has been declared president if you all like it or not. So is up to you to go to the Law to contest that. It’s not her business. If you all are intelligent you will. Know that. Shall common sense they say it’s not common

mafengrwang; As Christians, I mean on our path we also know some of us participated negatively trying to enhance our candidate’s victory tinkin he is best for us. If unanimously we prayed n committed him to God, then why not trust God to handle to d end. We doubted God n every followed our human wiseness. If God does not give u a car of ur choice do u abandon d one He gives u, He knows it might cause u harm that is why He is God n we r human. Let’s all pray that wateva we were seeking for from Atiku, may God make us find in Buhari, Guide n lead him aright. Sometimes they just get surrounded by wrong sets of ppl. Wateva is wrong in him may God make right IJN🙏

iamliliogie; Am highly disappointed in this post to be real ma