Get of my page! – Joke Silva blasts haters over APC post

Nollywood veteran Joke Silva has replied all the hate comments she got from her post about APC men.

The actress had taken to her page yesterday, to congratulate APC on winning the presidential election. This, of course, did not sit well with many who took time out to slam the veteran actress.

Replying all the haters, she shared  a video with the caption;

To the Hounds of the Baskerville who were unleashed on my page yesterday, please unfollow me if you cannot put forward your opinion without being insulting. Throwing insults is beneath you and tells me you are not solutions driven. Get off my page. If you want to fan the embers of tribalism…get off my page. If you want to fan the embers of religious bigotry please get off my page. If you want to build a robust democracy and the party you wanted did not win…become a formidable opposition that will critique…not just criticise the policys of the ruling party. That’s what civilised patriotic people do. #GOD BLESSNIGERIANOSHAKING.