BREAKING NEWS: Nnamdi Kanu ‘evades’ arrest, denies being Nigerian

On Thursday, a Federal High Court revoked the bail of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu and ordered his arrest.

However, on Saturday, Nnamdi Kanu has responded to the court’s order. Kanu on his radio station in London revealed that he is not a Nigerian and he would contest the decision of the court in UK. He said;

“The revocation of my bail will never ever hold; they can never convict us because we have done nothing wrong. Every move they make, every decision they take, I will challenge. I have instructed my lawyers, we will challenge in a competent court of law here in Britain where law actually works. I am waiting for them.
Any day you instruct INTERPOL, that day I will take it up in court and they must answer because here is a civilised country.

First, I am not a Nigerian citizen. Your bail revocation will never ever work. Anybody interested in revoking my bail would have asked the army what they were doing in my place.”

Nnamdi Kanu re-arrest


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