Another Nigerian, Saheed Ayinde, Nabbed With Cocaine In Saudi: His Name Sounds Igbo – Nigerians Sarcastically React

Barely one week after the execution of Kudirt Afolabi in Saudi Arabia over a drug-related offense, another Nigerian, Saheed Ayinde Sobade, has been nabbed in Jeddah with 1,183 grams of cocaine.

Nigerians while reacting have turned it into an ethnic issue as they sarcastically say the name of the new victim sounds Igbo. This development followed the earlier reaction of some Nigerians when five Igbo boys were arrested in Dubai over an armed robbery offense.







  1. why the name calling? corrupti is corruption, destroying the image of the nation is destroying the image of he nation and it cut across tribes. Igbos, Hausas, Yorubas etc does not matter.It is condemnable in its entirety. Let us expong tribal sentiments from the serious issues a sake.