“Dear Women, when men take a walk from your life, they lost not you” – Omokri


When former presidential aide Reno Omokri isn’t calling out the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, he’s dishing out useful advice to his followers.

The author who usually posts his daily nuggets on Twitter, on Wednesday asked women not to feel “lost” whenever a man walks out of their lives.

According to Omokri, women are capable of doing a lot of awesome things that men can’t — He also reminded them of the “great body”, they possess — He added that women carry more values and as such, should see the loss as the man’s and not hers.

Dear ladies,

Why do you feel you lost when men walk out of your life? Know your value vis-à-vis men. You can have kids. We cant. You have a beautiful body. We don’t. Adjust your mind. You didn’t lose him. He lost you. You are the one with more value #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

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