The puveyor of poverty, slayer of Economy and lover of blood shed – Nigerians hail Buhari

The puveyor of poverty, slayer of Economy and lover of blood shed - Nigerians hail Buhari

Spokesman of President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign organization, Festus Keyamo (SAN) hailed the president as the friend of that poor a d slayer of corruption.

The APC campaign spokesperson said this in a tweet on Wednesday night — drawing the attention of Nigerians.

However, unlike Keyamo, many Nigerians think Buhari is truly a friend of the poor — that’s why he has vowed to double the number of Nigerians in other to have more friends.

The nightmare of PDP since 2003! The demystifier of old power-blocs!
The slayer of the corrupt!
The friend of the poor!
The one the thieves love to hate!
My guy, Keyamo wrote.

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The replies from Nigerians

@abdulmt99 wrote: The Bringer of poverty
The Grandmaster of deception
The master of cluelessness
The maker of SAN to an agbero
The destroyer of Africa’s Largest Economy

@Balatic wrote: – The only stark illiterate with a prof as an errand boy
– The only saintly Abacha protege
– The only coup plotter that loves democracy
– The only corruption fighter with Gandollar-type of friends
– Friend of the poor
– BH spokesman
– FH prayer warrior
– Expert in Nepotism

@KingAbsolute wrote; The nightmare of NIGERIA since 2015!
The demystifier of DEVELOPMENT!
The slayer of the ECONOMY!
The friend of the GULLIBLE!
The lover of BLOODSHED!
The DEAF & DUMB to critical situations!
The one the SENSIBLES hate to love!

@KingleyMaximo wrote: You forgot to add, the ‘purveyor of poverty’ . The only man whose integrity only manifests when hunting the opposition, but turns a blind eye to his kinsmen taking bribes in dollars. Oh yes, he is a legendary conman and posterity will judge him accordingly.

@ibinwane wrote: He is really a friend of d poor my brother, he has vowed that d poor(his friends) will continue 2 wallows in abject poverty &that more friends will be added to his friend’s list. Zamfara is bleeding, Plateau is bleeding, Borno, Yobe r bleeding, Abuja-Kaduna exp.way is 4 kidnappers