Michelle Obama “roasted” for her analogy of Living in America under Trump

Michelle Obama "roasted" for her analogy of Living in America under Trump

Former US first lady, Michelle Obama has received severe backlash for using the phrase “divorced dads” to describe the country’s relationship with President Donald Trump.

While promoting her new book “Becoming” in London, Mrs Obama for lack of a better metaphor, described the country’s relationship with Trump as one that has turned bad.

The former first lady equated the troubles America is experiencing with that of a youngster, who goes to spend the weekend with his/her divorced father — The visit is fun at the first few hours as there will be lots of interesting things but the teenager eventually becomes sick.

The reactions from people were quick — especially from divorced dads who felt slighted by the comments, explaining how it somehow made divorced dads look inferior to divorced moms.

One disappointed admirer of Michelle Obama said via a tweet: “I admire @MichelleObama, but I really wish she wouldn’t use divorced dads as a metaphor for Trump. I hear some of them are quite awesome.” Someone else said, “As a divorced dad, I do my best to raise my son into a kind of man of which we all can be proud. Your comment doesn’t help people see that I’m conscientious and competent to do a good job.”

Another wrote; I love @MichelleObama, but comparing @realDonaldTrump to a divorced dad does a great disservice to many men who do everything they can to raise their children and provide them with safe, loving homes.

I speak from the heart about this, on behalf of my own dad and many others.

One even wrote: Hey @MichelleObama thanks for stereotyping all of us divorced dads. Maybe you aren’t aware, but stereotypes are hate speech used to perpetuate myths in order to oppress segments of society unjustly. I am extremely hurt by your comments. #divorceddad #MichelleObama