Missing 6-year-old boy found dead in woman’s freezer

Parents of an over 6-year- old boy have been thrown into mourning after he was found dead inside a woman’s freezer.

The deceased identified as Treasure Akinsohun was found dead, a few hours after he was declared missing.

Treasure Akinsohun
According to reports, the freezer was used to sell water and soft drinks — And police have promptly arrested the owner of the freezer.Spokesman of the Lagos state police command, DSP Bala Elkana confirmed the incident as well as the arrest on Friday, saying that investigations were ongoing.

The sad incident was said to have occurred on April 23, at about 8.30pm. The boy’s mother,  Eunice Akinsohun had reported him missing from about 9 am.

However little Treasure’s corpse was found the next day in a freezer, owned by Eunice’s neighbour, Patience Odowo. Patience’s shop was at 12 Orisigun Street also in Alapere.

According to NAN, Eunice and her son, Treasure lived in Ikorodu but went to Ketu to celebrate the Easter holidays with her younger sister.

Treasure who was said to have been playing with other children in his aunty’s compound suddenly went missing.

Upon the mother’s inquiry, the other children couldn’t give a solid answer as to Treasure’s whereabouts and this caused the mom to panic and raise an alarm.

The frantic search for the boy began to no avail, so they reported the matter to police at Alapare Police Station.

“I also called my husband on the phone to inform him of the development. Before I got back home, a crowd had gathered at my sister’s house at Alapere to help in the search for my son.

“Throughout that day we couldn’t locate the exact place where he was. When my husband eventually arrived, he also tried his best with my sister’s husband and some elders in the community.

“He was still not found. That was how we went back to Ikorodu that night in anguish,” she said.

They later got a call on their way back to Alapere from Ikorodu that her son had been found in a woman’s freezer at Orisigun Street.

“Immediately I saw the corpse of my son, I fainted. I was later revived at the hospital. What surprised me was how my son got into a freezer at another street”

“I still don’t understand how he got into the freezer as I speak with you. But it is left for the police to investigate,” she said.

Ojo Akinsohun, the boy’s father said investigations must be well done because they need to get to the root of how his son found his way into the woman’s freezer

“I heard that the night my son was missing, the daughter of the freezer’s owner was sent to bring sachet water from the freezer, but she didn’t find the boy inside. I was surprised how the boy got into the freezer.

“I want police to investigate it and get to the root of the matter. I can’t allow my son to die in vain,” he said.