”Nothing Must Happen To Ahmed Kadaria For Converting To Christianity” – Ben Bruce Blows Hot

nothing must happen to kadaria ahmed for converting to christian

The senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district in the National Assembly, Ben Murray Bruce, has reacted to the death threat a famous journalist, Kadaria Ahmed, received following her conversion from Muslim to Christianity.

Ben Bruce who spoke through his Twitter handle said everybody should be free to practice whichever religion they choose.

His reaction followed a death threat from a man named, Amb. Abdulrahman Yahaya on Kadaria for daring to convert to Christianity.

His tweet:


  1. It is the height of primitive intolerance and callousness for a person in the calibre of Amb. Abdulrasheem or whatever to resort to cheap act of desperation and intimidation on a lady who must have seen a difference between A and B.What about countless Christians who had converted to Islam? Who had threatened them for conversion? The likes of this archaic coward without the enabling credentials to live in an open, modern society must be shown the back door.

  2. It’s a pity and most unfortunate. Why shou yould the religion of peace threaten the life of an individual who makes a choice of religious life? When christians are forced to accept Islamic practices, there is no threat, but when an individual chooses to convert to Christianity from Islam, hell is let loose. Where do we go from here Let the god of Islam fight for himself. He is all powerful and does not need any body to fight for him. Let there be peace in the land.