‘You are a walking corpse’ – Man threatens Kadaria Ahmed for converting

'You are a walking corpse' - Man threatens Kadaria Ahmed for converting

A man whose name has been given as Amb. Abdulrahman Yahaya has taken to Twitter to threaten the life of journalist Kadaria Ahmed for daring to convert to Christianity.

The man spared no words in slamming the popular journalist, calling her a walking corpse as well.

In his words:

“Kadaria, you converted to Christianity in London. I was appalled when I heard her describing herself as a passionate citizen of Zamfara. By Islamic tenets, Kadaria is a walking corps, she’s supposed to have been killed as an apostate. She’s a condemned soul”.

Kadaria Ahmed wasted no time in responding to the tweet saying she has reported the man to the authorities.

“I have reported this account for threatening my life even as I refused to dignify his allegation with a response. No one should have the right to call for anyone’s death. If anything happens to me, this is the man to hold”.


  1. only God almighty has power over life and death, no mortal who is mere dust has such power. Kadaria, your life is in the hand of the almighty and He will not deliver you into the hand of any being for destruction. You shall fulfil your destiny.

  2. Converting to the Christian faith is the best thing that can ever happen to someone of other faiths or beliefs. However, the earlier the better the Muslims realize that we are now in a more advanced stage of development the better for them. We have freedom of worship in Nigeria and as such we are at liberty to choose our faith. A lot of Muslims haven seen the true light decided to embrace it instead of staying in darkness. My submission and prayer is that one day an emir will give his life to Christ. I really pray for that day to come. Kadaria congratulations and welcome to the fold of Christ.