See what Daddy Freeze just did to a Pastor who preached that women can wear trousers

See what Daddy Freeze just did to a Pastor who preached that women can wear trousers

Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted to a sermon by Pastor Abel Damina where the latter stated that women can actually wear trousers as against what many other pastors have been preaching for years.

Pastor Abel Damina in his sermon said;

“Jesus was always against religious leaders.

“Because Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God. Religion is a make belief, actually religion means go back to bondage. That’s the meaning of the word religion.”

“We are not in a religion, we are not in a make belief. We are in a relationship with God. Glory to God!

“I’m I teaching good here?”, he asked the crowd who gave a loud cheer in response.

On the issue of trousers, Damina said:

“If you have your trouser sister, wear it. Wear it well and enjoy it. Do t let anybody out you in bondage of dos and don’ts.

“There’s liberty in Christ Jesus. The only thing we emphasis is when you dress, cover your nakedness.”

Reacting to Damina’s sermon Freeze blessed him saying;

“Abel Damina is on fire here. May God bless him. Only an unscholarly teacher will tell women not to wear trousers.”

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  • Women wearing trousers do they look different from the shape of men or they’re like men Deutsch.22:5 has something to do with the way each gender should appear to differentiate which sex from afar off. Please let us not use freedom in Christ as a crafty means to indirect causes people to be breaking God’s ordinance

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