Women Make Unnecessary Noise in the Labour Room – Nigerian Man

A Nigerian man named Cyprian Akabudike took to Facebook to troll women for their behaviour during child birth.

The man remarked that since animal like chicken, snake, goat and other animals can give birth without any assistance by nurse, why do women now make noise during child labour.

See his post below

Even these animals could lay eggs without the assistance of a nurse or anyone. But women go dey make unnecessary noise for labour room like say na by false to born pikin. If you never strong , shift joor.


  1. This person funny ooooooo. God Himself said in pain shall a woman bring forth children after the disobedience of Adam and Evil in the garden of Eden .God honour His words more than His name. Mr man go and read your bible all over again. Animals has not offended God. They are law abiding and obey God letter by letter and you can see how they comported themselves in the ark of Noah but me and you will always to the contrary.Spare time to read the Bible very well and focus on Genesis God bless you.