We are all tested differently and heal differently – Toke Makinwa

Don't put a timeline on someone else's healing - Toke Makinwa

Popular OAP Toke Makinwa has urged people to stop putting a timeline in people’s healing as people are tested differently and heal differently.

According to the author, it was wrong to dictate to someone else how or when they should heal from a pain — that was experienced solely by them.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, the “On Becoming More” writer says people are tested differently and as such should be allowed to heal differently.

She wrote:

We are all tested differently, broken differently, our scars fade differently and we heal differently. Everyone should be allowed to grieve how they want, when they want and however long they want to. Stop giving expiry dates to the pain you did not endure. If you cannot be kind, say nothing. It’s ok to be quiet, try it sometime, you won’t die. You don’t have to understand everyone’s journey or life’s choices but it’s your duty to respect it. Life visits us all at the end of the day and while you play judge let’s hope when it’s your turn, you remain standing to handle it half as strong or as perfect as you try to claim be.