Man supporting Pastor Fatoyinbo saying Busola is vindictive, hears the shocker of his life from his 14year-old daughter

Man supporting Pastor Fatoyinbo sayign Busola is vindictive hears the shocker of his life from his 14year-old daughter

A twitter user Samuel Otigba has shared the story if his older friend whom he was having an intense argument with about Busola Dakolo and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly(COZA).

According to the narrator of the story, the “egbon” was busy defending the COZA pastor and stressing that Timi Dakolo’s wife was just being vindictive when his 14-year-old daughter who has been eavesdropping on them dropped the bombshell.

Samuel said abruptly revealed that a certain Uncle T, who apparently is close to the dad, forced himself inside of her.

Read his full story here

An intense argument with an egbon today about rape incident involving Pastor Biodun. He was shouting “he has repented, she’s vindictive”

His 14yr old daughter ears dropping abruptly said: “daddy uncle T forced himself inside me”.

Everyone’s holding him down from acting on rage.

I want to go home, I’m hungry. Police are on their way, he has called the uncle, said something random needs discussing, uncle doesn’t know what’s happening & on his way too.

Still trying to calm him down. Never seen him this raged before.

Baba has started crying. Legit can feel his pain. “Provided everything for my family, they never lacked a thing, who did I offend” are his words.

Her mum has taken their daughter upstairs to talk with her & get facts ready till the police arrive.

This isn’t funny. See a lot of men making jokes about the situation. As much as we have our differences, a little girl is involved. Let’s respect her. Will stop reporting on this. Could be me tomorrow.


  1. it’s so childish to talk about past happenings even using it to judge him .
    why not judge Paul for killing christains before he encountered Christ .
    Africa mentality , easily to criticize and ruin someone’s reputation . Every Man of God has dark sides before they found light.
    judge him when he’s found the light not still in dark.

  2. You, Raphael, are a colossal idiot. Your idiocy is so dense and vast that it affects the gravitational pull of Planet Earth. If you grew even a tiny bit more stupid, our planet would be torn to shreds by tidal forces.