Nigerians commend Fayose for appreciating Buhari

Nigerians commend Fayose for appreciating Buhari

Former Governor of Ekiti, Ayodele Fayose has said received several commendations from some Nigerians after he commended President Muhammadu Buhari for naming the Abuja National stadium after MKO Abiola.

The former governor said the immortalisation of the June 12 hero by the president is to the shame of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He said Obasanjo, who’s the greatest beneficiary of the June 12, 1993 struggle failed Abiola, who was his kinsman just because of his ego.

Honouring MKO Abiola by @MBuhari is to Obasanjo’s shame. It remains a sore-point of his political history that because of ego, Obasanjo, who’s the greatest beneficiary of the June 12, 1993 struggle failed to honour his kinsman, MKO Abiola. So, I commend President Buhari.

@kraka68 wrote: In agreement with you for the first time. Please keep drinking that water Oga Fayose, that particular brand is very refreshing, I don’t know if it’s Evian or Perrier but stay away from Atiku brand abeg. 👍

@PeterGodwyn wrote: I am so impressed and excited that HE Peter Ayodele Fayose is again speaking the truth. You see when elders and leaders speak this upright we the upcoming won’t have any reason to deviate from the truth. Thank you, Sir, you just made my day today. Continue to say it to power.

@TopeAdedeusi wrote: This is the d type of politics we look forward to sir, not the type that will never see anything good… If u see good in his administration then your criticism would be highly appreciated cos people will know that is not borne out of sentiment… Kudos sir for this great maturity.

@xpoint5441: I usually choose my respect for someone with indifference despite their political party stand and oshokomole is one of them. YOU HAVE SPOKEN SIR.😎

@Foliray: Must of the time you disregard your ego and nailed the true!
On point.
We must also credit @AsiwajuTinubu for directing @OfficialAPCNg for the recognition of MKO’s mandate.
Hopefully, one-day @inecnigeria will give us d official result of June 12 someone will take that credit.

@Ytee052: If we can afford to show patriotism at the expense of our political creed then our nation is few inches away from being a better one… @MBuhari decision to honor MKO is a way of showing how ungrateful a soul like bàbá Iyabo can be