2nd Term Cabinet: Buhari Speaks On The Kind Of People That Would Make His Team

2nd Term Cabinet: Buhari Speaks On The Kind Of People That Would Make His Team
President Muhammadu Buhari has shared that only “formidable people” would make his cabinet which he said would be unveiled in the next coming days.

According to Buhari who made this known while receiving the chairman of Buhari Media Organisation(BMO), he said this is the kind of people needed for his team to deliver on the dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

The President, who will soon name his cabinet members, made the remark while receiving the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) led by its chairman, Omoniyi Akinsiju, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

What he said in full:


“Our government continues to grow in strength and will place a firm foundation for future generations.

“While there will be those who are determined to drag us back to the bad old days, your visit is timely. It is exactly a month ago that I was sworn in for a second term in office. The task ahead for the four years will require a formidable team.”

“We have just come off rigorous campaigns during which I visit led all the 36 states of the federation campaigning, seeking the votes of Nigerians and telling them what we have done in the last four years.

“I campaign on three simple premises not different from those of 2015. To tackle insecurity, promote economic diversification and to fight corruption. Fulfilling these three promises are fundamental to taking Nigeria to the next level.

“I assure you that I am resolute on fulfilling these promises and will leave Nigeria a far better place than when we came.

“It is not an easy job to sell the administration’s services, we are doing unpopular things and facing powerful individuals and taking on invested interest who are accustomed to the corrupt era. But we must do things the right way; if we promised change then we must deliver it.

“This is regardless of whose interest is touched. There must be a manifest departure from the old order.

“We are making significant progress and these are evident for all to see. Despite attempts by enemies to twist and bend facts, most Nigerians know the truth.


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