Meet Simisola Ajibola, Pilot Who Saved 133 Lives By Landing Air Peace Plane Without Front Wheels

Captain Simisola Ajibola, the hero pilot who averted the Air Peace Boeing 737 crash at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos has been getting many praises from Nigerians.

 Many have described as a hero without a cape.

Simisola Ajibola
Captain Simisola Ajibola

The Air Peace Boeing 737 plane lost its tyres after crash-landing at the Airport facility.

According to an eyewitness, the incident was brought under control, thanks to the expertise of Captain Simi who handled the near-fatal accident professionally.

One of the eyewitnesses who experienced the dreadful ordeal shared on her Instagram page,

Today… Was a confirmation of His anointing upon my life. For the 2nd time this year, I had near-death experience. First na Okada, now na Plane… s we arrived Lagos on @flyairpeace , the pilot (she was a woman, I was so proud) announced that we will be landing at international tarmac because of visibility issues. The sleep wey bin dey my eyes, auto cleared.

Some minutes later, seems the plane started nose-diving on a fast track. And she in her expertise applied control. Then… Next… It picked up speed and bang!!! bang!!!!!!

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We dropped from the sky to the hard ground. And the ceiling of the plane dropped. Children crying. People screaming Blood of Jesus! Some screaming my Mummy. It was hard! My life flashed before me….

Then the pilot informed that she can’t estimate the damage, however, that the plane lost its both tyres. That she had signalled for an evacuation. She kept working hard, though unsuccessfully, to calm agitated

They said they are awaiting tow truck to tow us from international tarmac to local

I got my bag, had my inhaler handy… And we awaited emergency rescue.

They came 52 MINUTES Later! (Nigeria’s emergency response time)… We for don burn finish if not for God! . . . .
Praise God for Us… He averted what could have been a tragic plane crash.