I Wasn’t Denied U.S Visa — Peter Obi


Peter Obi
Peter Obi

The vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Peter Obi, on Saturday dismissed reports that he was denied visa by the American embassy.

The former Anambra state governor who is in the United State at the moment made this known in a statement signed by his media aide, Valentine Obienyem.

He said, in the statement entitled ” NOBODY DENIED PETER OBI VISA”, thus:

Rather than face serious issues for the good of the society, his boys are busy cooking up and circulating that Obi was denied visa by the USA Embassy. AS I WRITE, OBI IS IN THE USA NOW AT THE INVITATION OF HIGHLY-PLACED OFFICIALS. Ironically these are the officials that were supposed to have denied him visa application. What a confused bunch!

Since he left government, his records which nobody is even trying to surpass, still speak for him. Some of them are:

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He bequeathed over 75 Billion Naira to his successor;
completion of all the roads started by his predecessor and construction of massive roads that made Anambra during his time to be regarded as the best in network of roads;
return of schools to the Church and provision of over 6 Billion Naira used to rehabilitate the schools, as well as provision of two buses to them, INTERNET connectivity, boreholes,  sporting equipment, computers and generators to power them (note what he bought generators for and what others are today buying them for), complete turnaround of selected hospitals, including those owned by the Church ;
building of a teaching hospital from scratch;
two massive secretariat buildings;
paying close to 40 billion arrears of pension and gratuities owned in the State since 1999;
the attraction of fortune 500 companies to Anambra State whose records are open for everybody to see;
development of the permanent site of the Igbariam Campus of the State University with internal roads constructed;
erection of over 15 solid building at the College of Agriculture, Mgbakwu;
he met a state with no accredited health institution, but by the time he left, he had over 11 health institutions accredited, including two hospitals. He met none and accredited over 11, these things are easily measurable and is the language we expect to hear from governors elsewhere: I met this and left that;
built over 30 bridges in different parts of the state and we have the names. Again, structures as these are easily measurable;
attracted the first Federal Government institutions such as Federal Secretariat, Federal High Court, Naval outpost at Odekpe, etc to the State. He also got the federal government to hand over some federal structures like Omor Rice Mill to the State. We are interested to know further attractions since he left and not cooking of falsehoods;
built the two business parks at Onitsha;

bought official vehicles for the first time for certain categories of government officers such as Permanent Secretaries, Judges, magistrates, etc;

bought over 600 patrol vehicles for the police during his tenure, which is yet to be surpassed

The Only Governor that has bought Armoured personnel carriers for the Police, including the

ones stationed at the Lodge and Government House today;

gave 100 Million Naira, buses and security vehicles to all the universities in the State;

improved the power system in Anambra through various efforts including purchase of over 500 transformers ;

Set up Anambra State Road Maintenance Agency and bought equipment for them;

built soil testing laboratory in the Ministry of Works;

supported local industries through various ways, including building access roads to their facilities. Innoson, Cutix, Dossy, Orange Drugs, Kristoral, Chikason all benefitted. In terms of patronage, bought over 1000 vehicles from Innoson. Introduced INNOSON to the Federal Government, etc;

started projects like Agulu Lake Hotel, Onitsha Hotel, NYSC permanent Camp at Umuawulu/Mbaukwu, Shopping mall at Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi, Three Arms Zone and set aside enough money for their completion. Note that Onitsha Mall was the exception, he fulfilled Government obligation to the project before he left.
The man did simply wonders in the State. Everybody is aware that they have done everything to indict and discredit him, including inviting the personnel of the EFCC to Anambra State, but all come to naught. When it became apparent that the man is a saint in Nigerian politics, they prayed every day that he could sin a little even out of respect for the frailty of human nature. Mr. Obi remained a saintly politician with adamantine consistency.

Unable to dictate any fault, the now try to create some. The latest of their creation was the story of visa denial. What will they create next?