Lagos Community Where Residents Live Inside Refuse Dump (Photos, Video)

Repeatedly referred to as Nigeria’s industrial nerve center, Lagos state is one of the most inhabited states in Nigeria, a situation which has stretched its infrastructures such as housing, health care, roads and waste management system beyond limits.

The ensuing effect is the rise of suburbs, slums and ghettos with the poorest environmental conditions within the state.

Ago Egun, is a slum, with its inhabitants — mostly Yoruba and Egun — living in mountain of refuse dump.

During a recent visit, Information Nigeria observed that the community remains an eyesore as the unhygienic condition of the residents leaves much to be desired.

The residents live side by side with the growing heaps of refuse indiscriminately dumped in every corner of the community with dire health consequences for residents and visitors, even.

One of the main appearances of the ever-growing slum is the continuous problem of garbage and waste disposal, as well as sewage leakages, especially in the lowland areas coupled with the odious stench from the immensely polluted environment.

Information Nigeria calls on Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) to extend their duties to this community which keeps growing bigger and dirtier.