Slay Queen Caught After Stealing PLasma TV From Hotel

Lauretta and the Plasma TV
Lauretta and the Plasma TV

Slay queen simply identified as Lauretta has been nabbed after stealing a plasma TV belonging to Kevleyn hotel, a popular hangout spot in Delta state.

According to reports, she was said to have checked in to the hotel along with her boyfriend only for her to move out of the hotel with a Ghana must go bag and told the receptionist’s guard that her boyfriend is still around.

The boyfriend was however said to have left the hotel with the key few hours later on the pretext that he was going to buy something only for him to disappear into the thin air.

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The door to the room was forced open and it was discovered that the plasma of the room, umbrella, and toiletries had been carted away.

This consequently made the hotel staff besieged the lady’s house which is said not to be far away from the hotel.

Upon arrival at her house, they were made to understand that she only escaped by mobbed a couple of days ago after stealing 800k from a guy whom she had slept with.

Finally, she confessed to stealing the TV and that she has used it as a collateral to borrow 5k from somebody.

The TV was then recovered from the person that borrowed her the money.