‘You Are Used To Dealing With Stupid People, Not Me’ – Nicki Minaj Slams Joe Budden

'You Are Used To Dealing With Stupid People, Not Me' - Nicki Minaj Slams Joe Budden
Nicki, Joe Budden

Singer Nicki Minaj appeared on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio for the latest episode of Queen Radio on Monday afternoon, August 12th and all hell broke loose.

During the show, Nicki had fellow rapper, Joe Budden and his podcast co-hosts, Mal and Rory, appear as guests. According to Budden, this was a way of making peace with the Barbz (Nicki Minaj’s fanbase) but things did not go as planned as Nicki  Minaj ended up kicking him off the show.

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Nicki during the radio show accused Budden of calling her a liar, and claimed the rapper accused her of being on drugs.

“It’s okay for you to make me sound crazy and say I’m on drugs, right? That was okay too, right?” Nicki said at one point during her argument with Budden.

“Are you that fucking dumb? You like tearing down women when they can’t defend themselves. You’re so used to thinking you’re the smartest person in the room” she angrily repeated.

Listen to Joe slamming Nicki here.