Moyo Lawal Reveals The Least Used Part Of Her Curvy Body (Photo)

Curvy Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has revealed the least part of her body to her fans and surprisingly, it happens to be her “honeypot”.

Moyo Lawal
Curvy actress, Moyo Lawal

Even though many people think otherwise, the actress stated that she really doesn’t get much intimacy and her exes can testify to that.

In her words,

“Mine is my honeypot. Been on this earth for 3 decades plus and haven’t used it up to even 3 months in total.

Please how do I kill this” till marriage before consistent sinning” mentality thing I have?

The thing just tire me, even an 18 yr old of this days has more experience than i do. P. S Also,. I have written enough….

Also my exes follow me , my page is public , trust me , lying is almost impossible”

See her post below: