Uber Driver Flogs Female Passenger With Horse Whip

The Uber driver holding the horsewhip
The Uber driver holding the horsewhip

A Twitter user @eziinneee has shared the story of how an Uber driver used a horsewhip to beat up a female driver for arguing with him during a ride.

According to the user, trouble started between the Uber driver and the passenger when the got to Ikeja.

Read the full story below:

Never thought I’d be one of the people to tweet about Uber drivers cause I’ve never had issues with them but today has to be the most horrible experience.

So today my friend ordered a ride to Ikeja,at the start we had zero issues with him until we got to Ikeja that’s when wahala started.

We got to Ikeja first he complained that he couldn’t enter the street cause it was too narrow,after initially taking a wrong destination.

We said no problem, make a turn and we’d walk, he tried entering the street and it was a one way, I told him to just park let’s walk

Where he tried to park was covered with water so I said we couldn’t come down cus I sat in friend behind wasn’t paying attention and she simply asked him why he was going far that we already said we’ll walk.

He flared up and started abusing her, he parked in the middle of the road and started dragging her down, screaming that she’s useless and mannerless

He threw my friend’s phone on the floor when he noticed she was making a video, the screen shattered.

UberNigeria you need to start checking the mental health of the people you pick as drivers cause the flare-up was crazy.

This man brought out a freaking horsewhip to flog my friend !! Why tf do you have koboko in your freaking car ???? ARE YOU, PSYCHO???????

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