Court Sentences 27 To Death For Torturing, Killing Protester

court gavel
court gavel

A Sudanese court has sentenced to death 27 intelligence agents who tortured and killed a protester early this year, AFP reports.

The judge, Sadok Albdelrahman on Monday found the defendants guilty of torturing to death Ahmed al-Kheir Awadh at an intelligence services facility and sentenced them to death by hanging.

The judge said the deceased a teacher was said to have been beaten and tortured to death after he was arrested in late January by intelligence operatives in Kassala state in eastern Sudan.

The Sudan protester took to the streets from December 2018, initially to protest against high bread prices, but the demonstrations soon turned into demands for autocrat Omar al-Bashir to step down.

Al-Bashir was deposed in April by the military, but huge protests continued, which led to  a compromise that saw a joint military-civilian transitional council formed in August.

According to AFP, more than 177 people were killed in the repression of the months-long protests, according to rights group Amnesty International, while a doctors’ committee close to the protest movement put the toll at over 250.

Many of those killed were the victims of a June 3 massacre outside army headquarters in Khartoum, perpetrated by men in military fatigues.