It Is A Man’s Duty To Provide And A Woman’s Choice To Assist – Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro
Blessing Okoro

Disgraced blogger, Blessing Okoro is of the opinion that it is a woman’s choice to either assist her husband or just relax and enjoy all he brings in.

Blessing took to her page to share a post which said that it is a man’s duty to provide and a woman’s choice to decide if she wants to assist.

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She captioned the post;

Women stop making these men lazy ..
Many men have become so lazy and relaxed because we women are doing the jobs, remember it is help we are helping not their right.
We are only helping to make our men last longer for us, so we assist with some responsibilities not carry it on our head.
It is better I am a single mum training my children than being married and training a full-grown man in the name of marriage. May God forbid.
Man is not by manhood oooo, it is why the responsibility you carry .
Lazy men go and work
Go and work.
Ndi fuck boys go and work.

Her post has since gotten many talking with one follower stating that her way of thinking is the reason she is a single mom.