Wife Empties Pot Of Hot Water On Husband After Suspecting He Is Cheating

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

A Kenyan man has been left badly burnt after his wife poured hot water on him due to her suspicion that he is cheating.

The photo of the man’s badly burned back has since gone viral on social media and gotten many talking.

This is coming after actor Yomi Fabiyi, gave a piece of advice concerning domestic violence saying overbearing women need to face the music.

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Yomi Fabiyi wrote:

“We need to understand that domestic violence has consequences. Women are not well protected in Nigeria to be honest, though some overbearing women must also face the music and do the time. Children should never be dragged into this mess. No child will watch while anyone hurt their mother especially male children.
To have a better society, physical or verbal assaults must never happen before your children if not you are grooming a violent or mean citizen. Most children in this situation turn bullies and wife beaters. They enjoy torturing others.

As a matter of fact, two adults must ensure they don’t plan any form of lies to the notice of a child. We need to start raising the right children in Nigeria. Create a value system in the system that produces better citizens and people, knowing fully well these people are going to occupy different offices both in private and public sector.
Stop giving material things too much attention before your kids. Stop planning to oppress others with material things or positions. We are the society we raise from different homes, STOP BLAMING POLITICAL LEADERS OR CORRUPTION.
We neglect the society too much and focus on religious houses within the society. We invest our all on worship places, create time for crusades but never encourage our children or self to volunteer in public services.

Take your children on exchange programmes, take them to hospitals, mental home, prisons etc. INJECT THE RIGHT VALUES IN YOUR WARDS, leave the rest for them to deduce. Teach them charity and duty of care. That is when Nigeria can get better not all these political fight against corruption from corrupt set up. We need to go back to the basis, declare STATE OF EMERGENCY ON OUR EDUCATION. In 20years of quality and compulsory education for every child and teenager, we will easily overtake South Africa and Dubai. Mark my words if we do these things“.