7 Things To Do After College Instead Of Getting A Dream Job

Up until this moment, I still cannot bring myself to understand why a lot of undergraduates think that getting a “paying job” should be the next line of action that follows their undergraduate studies. When you speak with a lot of them about what they’d like to do immediately they step out of college, they are often of the opinion that getting a white-collar job is the next best thing to do.

But wait a minute – is that really the only thing that’s there to do? Are there no other opportunities to be leveraged out there? And considering that many of them would have to spend months, if not years, searching for these dream jobs, is it really worth the wait?

Well, I’m happy to announce to every undergraduate out there that getting a real job is not the only option available to you after school. 

Dream Job

If that’s the case, then what are the other options? You may wonder. Well, you need not scour the internet for them; I’ve already compiled them for you in this post. So, feel free to check them out below.

Why not chase your passion?

Whatever it is that you love doing, the period after college might be the best time to chase it. Whether you’re a photographer, expert writer, website designer, graphic designer, artist, adventurous person, IT savvy, etc., you can always look to work with any small scale firm or establishment that works in line with your passion. For instance, if you are lucky to live in a country that receives many tourists and visitors yearly, then there is a great chance that you can land yourself an adventure guide position immediately after college. But, of course, that would require that you be an adventurous person. Perhaps while in school, you were into some adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking, skydiving, rock climbing, mountaineering, abseiling, snorkeling, kayaking, wildlife and greenery exploration, and what have you, you can turn it into a part-time or full-time job. Many adventure companies are always looking for young people to hire, especially those with experience in their fields. So, instead of waiting and waiting for that dream job that suits your qualifications, you can chase a job in line with your passion. 

Take up a gap year program

If you’re interested in putting your time towards a good career, then you should consider taking up a gap year program. Not only would these programs equip you with essential life lessons, but they also strengthen your resume, while also giving you a lot of focus-points to discuss during an interview. Gap year programs also give you the opportunity to network with various alumni, as well as industry professionals, many of whom may be valuable resources later on in your job hunt.


It is an established fact that some undergraduates sometimes take up student loans to finance their studies. As a result, they’re charged with the uphill task of repaying their debt almost as soon as they conclude their programs. For graduates in this position, not getting a paying job immediately after school might be a massive blow on the chin. But who said internships could not save the day? 

Internships, unlike full-time positions, are quite easier to obtain. And in some cases, there are companies that pay their interns. If you’re a fresh graduate, there’s a good chance you can find a position that works for you. Additionally, paid internships can also avail you of the financial stress of dealing with your college debt. But in the event that your internship income is not sufficient enough to cater to your debt, you can always look to the IVA scheme for help. But when you want to do that, you should ensure that you’re working with the best IVA companies around you.

Become a research assistant 

Who said you have to leave the college environment once you’re done with your studies? By all means, you can actually stay back and lend some helping hands while getting paid in the process. Instead of waiting for a paying job, you can actually land yourself a research assistantship position, as universities have a significant amount of their resources invested in research. And before you let the thoughts of you not being a science-based graduate hop into your mind, remember that plenty of research also goes into fields like journalism, history, international relations, philosophy, arts, and management.

Take a continuing-education class

Provided you’re financially buoyant enough; you can opt to further your education immediately you step out of college. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a field other than what you majored in or want to develop career-specific skills further, consider taking continuing-education classes at a community college or an adult-learning center around you.

Be a Volunteer

While volunteering for any cause would most likely not bring you any income, it is still a valuable way to contribute to your immediate environment, while also using your time judiciously. It also helps you build a network of professionals, organizations, supervisors, and co-volunteers, many of whom might be important to your future job search.

Employ yourself

I think we ought to always say a very big thank you to technology for the gift of “digitization!” As a fresh graduate, the opportunities are endless for you on the digital landscape; all you need to do is find the ones that best interest you and get going with them. From freelancing (writing, coding, designing, etc.) to online trading (cryptocurrencies, forex, stock, etc.) and everything else in between, there are a plethora of opportunities available for you to employ yourself instead of waiting for that dream employer to hand you your appointment letter.