Daniel Wilson Says Coronavirus Was Targeted At Africa

Daniel Wilson
Ex-singer, Daniel Wilson

Popular 90s Singer, Daniel Wilson has expressed his doubts on the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, the singer claimed there is a lot of mistruth about the viral disease that has killed many people.

According to him, the disease is man-made, created with Africa as the target

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Sharing on Facebook, the singer wrote in part: “This is no ordinary Coronavirus, believe me. There is something you all should know about this disease that is killing people all over the world, it is not the coronavirus it is supposed to be, it certainly can’t be the coronavirus they say it is, that ordinarily causes illnesses like the common cold, catarrh, shortness of breath and at worst pneumonia…”

See His Post Here:

Daniel Wilson
The Singer’s Post


  1. This is paranoia. No one is out to get anybody. We are nobody’s victim. Why do we always have to go there. Africa this. Africa that. Please tell your kids and the younger generation that, they should stop playing the victim card and adopt a healthy opinion about themselves. If this “the white is out to get the black” attitude does not change,we lose before we even start. It’s about time we do just that. Enough is enough.