COVID-19: Medical Experts Says Smoking Weed Increases Risk Of Complications

According to medical professionals and pulmonary experts, marijuana/weed smokers, people with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic lung diseases, as well as people with moderate-to-severe asthma are among those at high risk for severe complications after contracting coronavirus.

According to CNN, medical experts stressed that even occasional smoking of marijuana can increase your risk for more severe complications from COVID-19.

“What happens to your airways when you smoke cannabis is that it causes some degree of inflammation, very similar to bronchitis, very similar to the type of inflammation that cigarette smoking can cause,” said pulmonologist Dr. Albert Rizzo, chief medical officer for the American Lung Association to CNN.

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“Now you have some airway inflammation and you get an infection on top of it. So, yes, your chance of getting more complications is there.”