‘It Was An Entanglement’ – August Alsina Reacts To Will, Jada Smith Red Table Interview

Jada Smith
Will and Jada Smith

Singer, August Alsina has finally reacted to Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s viral ‘Red Table talk’ interview last week where Jada admitted she had a relationship with August when she and her husband Will Smith had separated.

The word “entanglement” went viral as Jada repeatedly used it to define what was going on between them, even as August has agreed to that.

While August claims he hasn’t watched the complete episode, he has now reacted to Jada calling their relationship an “entanglement.”

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In a new interview with Vulture, Alsina said: “I don’t know why that word is such an issue. I would agree,”  “If you look up the definition of ‘entanglement,’ it is a complex and difficult relationship. It was exactly that. I think it’s just the language that probably stuck out to people. But I definitely have to agree with it being an entanglement. It definitely was something complicated, a complicated dynamic.”