‘Kidnappers Forced My Brother To Have Sex With Me Inside Bush’ – Abductee

Chioma Dioke and the kidnappers
Chioma Dioke and the kidnappers

Chioma Dioke, a 20-year-old abductee, recounted her ordeal in the den of kidnappers on Tuesday.

The victim revealed her elder brother was forced to sleep with her inside bush called ‘Sambisa forest‘ which is located in Ezzagu in Ebonyi State.

Chioma, her brother and another victim, had gone to Onunwafor, Ezzagu, for business purposes before they were kidnapped and held hostage for five days.

Narrating her experience, the victim said;

“A company employed me to advertise noodles, diapers, oil and other products. If you invest N1,000 in the business, you will get N1,500. We were just doing that and we were paying our customers.

“One day, our boss travelled. I went to the office and couldn’t see three of our colleagues. I only saw my elder brother and one other guy that was working with us. As three of us were in the office, the community youths came and started beating us, demanding where our boss was. They tore my clothes, pants and bra and took us into a thick forest.

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“They started molesting me; some had sex with me, while others inserted hands into my private parts. Some pressed my breasts.

“After they finished molesting me, they said my elder brother must have sex with me. They carried my brother, beat him up thoroughly and ordered him to start having sex with me.

My brother told them that it was against our culture. They insisted that he must do it and pointed a gun at his head. My brother had no option than to have sex with me,” she added.

Police eventually got wind of the incident and stormed the forest, killing two persons and rescued the victims.