‘It’s Okay To Start Over Again; Don’t Be Under Pressure’ – Dancer Kaffy Advises


Popular Nigerian dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, alias Kaffy, has taken to Instagram to share some advice to her fans and followers.

The Guinness World Records holder wrote a lengthy post on how to build back from the scratch when one has lost everything. She also shares some of her lessons on failure. Part of her post reads:

“It’s ok to start over ! I have spent a lot of effort and money trust me ALOOOOOOOOOT building and growing my businesses. I have made a lot and lost a lot more. For every time I hit a brick wall or roadblock I always reevaluate with all honesty, tear down and start over. NO MATTER HOW HIGH I REACH, I am not afraid to come back down to rebuild, relearn and restrategize.

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Don’t be under pressure because of perception it’s more profitable even for scaling that you do a double check on the foundation That got you there in the first place. Some pressures are also signs of need to shed old skin and adopt new ways and systems. So don’t beat yourself up. Every step is information you need to get to your next level.”

See her full post below:

Kaffy’s Instagram post