Japhman: What to know about Japhman and family reality show

JAPHET ATTAH EGWUMAH also known as Japhman is an instagram Celebrity, Nigerian-American based writer, content creator, artist, interviewer, compere and comedian.
Japhman is a native of Ibaji Local government in Kogi State Nigeria and he was born in the northern part of Nigeria, where he attended his high school and studied Physics in the famous Kogi State University, he is happily married with 2 kids and about to launch his family reality show called “Japhman and family”,
He said, the reality show is to show how Africans parent who are based in the western world raise their kids despite the cultural differences, the struggle they go through alongside the day to day difficulty in enlightening his children about their culture and language, which will involve his Sierra Leonean wife and kids.
Watch out for Japhman reality show coming soon.
“Family is Golden”