Four Celebrities That Have Been Called Out By Their Exes And Babymamas


Information Nigeria brings to you four celebrities, who have been called out by their ex-lovers and baby mamas.

Some ladies literally got to a point in their life where they were so hurt and they were forced to take to social media to pour out their angers and call out their exes. The situation then blew up because these exes are popular celebrities. 

For example; Shola Ogudu called Wizkid for being a dead beat dad in 2018

Most music lovers are aware that Wizkid is a father to three kids from three different women. Ogudu opened a can of worms when she came forward and accused him of not caring about their son.

She vented on social media about how the singer treats their son and she leveled many allegations against him. She also leaked their private chats in a bid to corroborate her claims. Fans were divided over the situation.

Just like Wizkid, Davido has the same number of baby mamas and children. The drama that ensued between the singer and his first baby mama is still fresh in our memories. The duo bumped heads a few years ago after the birth of their daughter, Imade. It got so messy that the singer accused Momodu of indulging in hard drugs while breastfeeding their daughter. Momodu’s uncle and media mogul, Dele Momodu got mixed up in the drama.

Kelly Hansome also had a messy fight with his baby mama.

The singer got called out by his former girlfriend, Mirabel Moradeyo, whom he dated for 15 years and has a daughter with.

Mirabel had branded the singer as a deadbeat dad on Instagram. Recalling her experience with the singer, she alleged that he drove a wedge between her and her family when they were still dating. She claimed he accused her of being a prostitute whenever she assisted him in achieving something he thought was impossible. She also revealed that their daughter was referring to another man as her dad.

In response to the claims, on Monday, April 20, 2020, Kelly Hansome released screenshots of the threat messages his wife and himself have been receiving from his baby mama, Ronke Moradeyo. 

Baba Tee’s second ex-wife, Dupe Odulate put him on blast soon after, welcoming her own child with her new man.

The duo, who got engaged in 2015, called it quits and parted ways in 2019.

Odulate opened a can of worms on Instagram as she cautioned her ex-husband against slandering her new man. She claimed that the actor had blamed her all through their four year long marriage for not having a child and also called her barren.