“You’re Very Stupid” – Actress Ada Ameh Blasts BBNaija’s Ka3na For Rebuking Fan Who Tattooed Her Name On Her Thigh

Ada Ameh
Ada Ameh

Popular Nigerian actress, Ada Ameh, has blasted reality star, Ka3na Jones for berating a die-hard fan, who inked her name on her thigh.

It appears the reality TV star had taken to her Twitter account to express her desire for a fan to get a tattoo of her name on his or her body.

However, she turned around and reprimanded a fan, who took the bold step.

Disappointed by the reality star’s reaction, Ameh slammed her and branded her as a ‘stupid girl’.

The actress said;

“I don’t know this girl’s name; I saw her video yesterday and I was so upset. I think she was in Big Brother Nigeria, she was in the house.

“You went on Twitter; you wrote something that you would have loved somebody to have a tattoo of you on their body and this young lady did. You now came to say what she did was wrong after she had done it.

“That was sarcasm, as far as Ada Ameh is concerned, and that was very wicked of you and that is still very wicked of you. You know yourself, and after this video, I know that people who know her would tag her. I know that she can never talk to me; she cannot even dare it because all of us are good with our mouth. She cannot even dare it because ‘craze get level’.”

“My point is that tweeting that, we don’t know that a lot of people look up to us. Some people can crazily love you to a very destructive point. You encouraged her, she tattooed you and at the end of the day, you said it was wrong. You gave instances that I could not listen to till the end because I was so angry.

“I wish Instagram had a place that you can send a voice note to. I would have done that to that stupid girl. I call her stupid without any apology. You came and you were blabbing. Ha! That was wrong. Medicine after death, you have done the damage already. You were the one that came out to ask and, apparently, when you were in the house, she liked you and she calls you her role model.”

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