El-Rufai: States Shouldn’t Pay Salaries Above Their Tax Revenues

El-Rufai: States Shouldn’t Pay Salaries Above Their Tax Revenues
Kaduna State Governor El-rufai

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has stated that shouldn’t pay salaries above their tax revenues.

He stated this while speaking on Saturday during a colloquium to commemorate the birthday of Rauf Aregbesola, minister of interior.

El-Rufai advocated for reduction in cost of governance.

The Kaduna governor argued that the country is not only battling fiscal crisis but also battling crisis of economic development, noting that it can only be solved through reduction in cost of governance and elimination of fraud.

He noted that no country can perform better without the right quality of skills in its public service.

“However, what we face is not just a fiscal crisis. It is a crisis of economic development. Our country clearly has to cut the cost of governance, reduce waste and eliminate fraud,” he said.

“Government must trim its costs and focus on security, infrastructure and economic competitiveness.

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“We cannot leave fiscal challenges to chance. I don’t think you should have a government larger than the taxes you can raise.

“Each state needs to set its minimum wage because the cost of living is different across the states.

“Let us use our oil revenue for capital expenditure and pay salaries through taxes.

“No country can perform better than the quality of its public service.”