Nigeria Needs Peace, Unity Above Anything, Says Bafarawa

Nigeria Needs Peace, Unity Above Anything, Says Bafarawa
Attahiru Bafawara

Former Sokoto State Governor, Attahiru Bafawara has cautioned Nigerians, especially politicians not to allow political tension to mar the country’s national unity and cohesion.

Bafarawa urged political office holders should concentrate on governance, to reduce tension and improve the quality of life of the people.

The former governor said Nigerians must close ranks to create an atmosphere for peaceful coexistence across the country.

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He said: “Rather than having political cohesion through acceptable political practise, we tend to breed and encourage mistrust among diverse Nigerians. It has always caused tension, bringing mistrust and threat occasioned by calls for restructuring and or secession among diverse Nigerians.”

Bafarawa stated that it was time politicians started building bridges of unity to ensure positive development that would strengthen the confidence of the citizens in the democratic process.

He added: “We should promote and sustain good governance by avoiding tendencies threatening our political journey as a nation.”