‘I Do Not Wish You Dead; I Still Care About You,’ Yomi Fabiyi Tells Iyabo Ojo

'I Do Not Wish You Dead; I Still Care About You,' Yomi Fabiyi Tells Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo, Yomi Fabiyi

Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi has issued a disclaimer after Iyabo Ojo called him out on her page for planning to end her life because she stood against Baba Ijesha.

He wrote:


My attention has been drawn to a purported reaction of actress Iyabo Ojo to a viral video where an aged man predicting death on her and she invariably linking it to me.

First and foremost I condemn such predictions on any human much less a colleague. We may have disagree on key issues whereby emotions let loose but I doubt if it has gotten to such stage and it will never be. God’s protection on you. You shall not die.

Please be informed that I nurse no such devastating ill-feelings towards you or anyone, for what? Whatever drama between us that is associated with the recent case end as it is.

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However, my STANDPOINT which I am willing to risk everything for is that HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION becomes a pillar of Nigerian society AND it’s ADVOCACY ignites within the Nigerian society for us to achieve peace, justice and development. Don’t misconstrue that for supporting anyone suspected for crimes. Human Rights is for every human.

I still care about you Iyabo Ojo, there is loads of rooms for reconciliation if you read this with open mind and you so desire. E mi o roku ro e, I am OKO IYABO and not ready to mourn over Iyabo. Peace ✌

Yomi Fabiyi”