It Is Not Easy To Be A Man In This Society – DJ Neptune

'I Performed In Uganda Last Year And They Were Cool To Me' - DJ Neptune

Popular disc jockey, DJ Neptune has stated that it is not easy to be a man in this present society.

The disc jockey cum musician went on a lengthy rant of reflection on his Twitter page.

He wrote:

Let love lead regardless of the situation. Tomorrow isn’t guarantee for you and I, God protect us all. Just had a reflection about life. Losing my dad at age 16 and being the only boy and last child, it wasn’t easy but I’m grateful for where I am today.

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To everyone going through this phase, I pray God see you through. My Dad was a great man, He helped a lot of people, He never wanted to see people around him suffer but life wasn’t fair to him. Alot he couldn’t achieve, I’m happy I have done some and still working hard to achieve more. Sheding tears typing. It’s really not easy to be a man in this our crazy society. God help us all.”

The disc jockey’s post