You retired the day you were born – Man tells DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy recently took to social media with a post explaining why she works extra hard even though she is from a wealthy home.

The billionaire daughter stated that she puts in the extra work so that she can comfortably retire when she clocks 35.

Cuppy noted that she would love to retire to an ‘agbalumo’ farm along with her dogs, Dudu and Funfun.

In her words:

“The main reason I work so hard is so that I can retire at 35 years old and live on abalumo farm with Dudu and Funfun.”

However, a fan of the entertainer who came across the post didn’t receive it so well.

The individual identified as @77_kiah was quick to note that the billionaire daughter has always had the choice of not working since the day she was born.

He said: “Florence, you retired the day you were born, don’t clart my lungs.”

See their exchange below:

Reactions from social media users below:

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