5 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a renowned first-person shooter game that every gameholic loves. Although the game seems pretty basic at first glance, gamers get trapped among the ever changing maps and survival techniques in the game. 

This is when players realize they wish they knew certain things before starting the game. Therefore, we have come with this guide to make you aware of the top five tips you should know before playing Apex Legends. 

In addition to some pro skills and tips, you might need the help of Apex Legends hacks in the game. They work like a protective shield and an added helping hand in your survival. Now let’s dive in and have a look at these top five things- 


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Apex Legends Maps Change Seasonally 


In FPS games, when you find a map you like to play in, you tend to get comfortable with it. When you continue playing on the same map for a certain period, you acquaint yourself with all the hidden areas, treasures and hiding spots. 

However, that is not the case in Apex Legends. Don’t get too comfortable with the maps here as they change seasonally. The maps you are playing will go through drastic changes, and you will again have to learn all the nooks and corners. In rare cases, you will find yourself in a whole new world. 


Don’t Trust Your Team Blindly 

Great teamwork can leave a huge impact on the game’s outcome. But you can’t always rely on your team 100%. We have seen in Apex Legends players often ditch their team and start playing alone. 

There are no rules of punishment yet for those who ditch their team. There are many instances when players leave their squad in the middle and start playing solo. Therefore, when you join a team, don’t entirely rely on backup and resources on them. You should have enough resources to support yourself alone. 


Field of View Setting Improve the Game

The game developers of the Apex Legends game have done a brilliant job with the Field of View (F.O.V) settings. Now the environment has become more detailed in each map, and the gameplay has become more realistic. 

The F.O.V settings allow you to adjust the settings in the main menu. By adjusting the setting based on your preference, you can get an upper edge over the enemy. The F.O.V settings have lots to offer, so take some time out and learn all the settings. It will be worth the time!


Choose Your Legend Wisely 

Apex Legends comes with different legends, and you need to pick one with which your playing style matches. However, we would suggest you try playing with multiple legends at the beginning of the game. Doing so will help you understand which legend’s suits your playing technique the best. 

Moreover, if you are aware of different legend’s playing techniques, it will help you judge enemy movements. You can wisely plan your moves and defeat your opponents. 


Stocking up the Loot Can Be a Hindrance 

It is true that you need to collect as much loot as possible at the beginning of the game. It will help you buy weapons and ammunition. However, as you proceed in the game, holding things that you no longer need can cause problems. 

For example, if you don’t have a shotgun, but you are still hoarding, shotgun ammunition is of no use. Instead, you should ping your teammates and ask if anybody needs the stock you have. 

You should fill your loot slots with necessary items instead of hoarding unnecessary things. Your survival in the game will depend a lot on the weapons you have. Hence throw away the ones you don’t need and keep only the crucial items. 


Wrapping Up 

Here are the top five things we wish we knew before playing Apex Legends. The game depends a lot on the player’s intelligence, patience, and playing technique. Make sure that you take some time and go through the above tips. They will surely help you make it to the end of the game. For more such posts, keep visiting this site. If you’ve any queries regarding Apex Legends, ask them in the comment section. 



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