2023: Ayade Insists On Zoning

2023: Ayade Insists On Zoning

Cross River Governor Ben Ayade has reaffirmed his pledge to restore power to the state’s Southern Senatorial District by 2023.

While speaking to some APC stakeholders at the Governor’s Lodge in Calabar on Sunday, Ayade stated that his choice to return power to the south was based on morals.

The governor insisted that the south had credible candidates for governorship.

“During my campaign for second term, I went to the South and asked them to support my second term bid and that when I win, I will support the south to take over from me because by natural process, they are next senatorial district to produce the governor,” he said.

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Ayade, who decried the nature of democracy as currently being practiced, noted that there was need to infuse the “sensitivity of the African culture”.

“We inherited a brand of democracy which is not afrocentric, neither does it have the sensitivity of the African culture and morality.

“Democracy is so primitively blind that it reduces itself to numbers.

“The higher your population, the more you win. So there is nothing like balancing, there is no equity in democracy.

“There is no moral conscience. Democracy is blind to ethnicity, it is blind to religion, it is blind to fairness, it is repugnant to natural justice,” he said.