India To Impose Internet Blackouts To Prevent Malpractice During School Exams

India is imposing internet blackouts to prevent cheating during school exams.

Officials have said they are using the internet jammers near schools to stop questions being leaked on WhatsApp as exam starts in the country.

The online blackouts will be imposed in certain areas, according to the West Bengal state government.

They will especially be imposed near exam centres. The blackout is being implemented to prevent more screenshots of exam papers surfacing on social media sites, according to The Times.

India’s equivalent of GCSEs are Board Secondary School Examinations and they start on Monday.

The exams are sat by around two million 15 and 16-year-old pupils every year.

Despite phones and electronic devices being banned, there have been cheating scandals in the past.

Police stations and secure government exam centres often store exam papers beforehand.

But before the coronavirus pandemic and two years in a row, papers were leaked in West Bengal and other states such as Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Fears grew that there were corrupt police officers and officials leaking the exam papers.

Investigations were done but definitive sources of the stolen papers have not yet been found.

This is because of the fast and covert ways they are spread around when leaked.

The country has also put other measures in place to stop students from cheating.